Monday, May 21, 2007

The Birds of the Turkey Creek Festival

Hesse and I attended the annual Merriam Turkey Creek Festival this last weekend while he was in town. We were graciously hosted by Irene B. French, the former mayor of Merriam, who gave us a tour of the fesival and introduced us to several residents including current council members and the current mayor, Carl Wilkes.

Living up to it's name, upon entering the grounds we immediately encountered turkey... that is, a turkey sandwich being eaten by rather large, very colorful bird.
We also found a boy scout troop selling turkey legs. Needless to say, Hesse and I both got one. We will have to settle for a photo of the legs in the tray, but the photo I wish I had was of the carcass that was left once Hesse got done cleaning every piece of meat from his.
Hesse was able to make several good contacts along the way that were interested in the project and talking with him.


Dan M. said...

Aaach, i cant believe i didn't go to the festival. I will BBQ turkey legs this week to make up for it.

question for discussion: even though mike is focusing on the entire path, should we consider whittling down the neighborhoods to 3 with regard to the essay?? ivanhoe, merriam (not sure what the name of the hood is...) and .....?

If answer to question is "no--we need to focus on entire path", then what is our method to make non-ivanhoe and non-merriam connections in that regard.

turkily yours,

hesse mcgraw said...

I am focusing on western Shawnee, Merriam, and Ivanhoe. But that tends to be a fairly amorpous focus as I get into the process. This past weekend, I spoke to several people who are actively involved in downtown Shawnee, for instance. I imagine the project will proceed like that, like an octopus.