Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time To Live - Panelists

Dan Rockhill has agreed to be our fourth panelist for the "Time to Live" forum. One of his concerns which I thought was a good one had to do with placing the panelist's into a context for the forum. Given that we are looking for Dan to provide his insight into residential architecture with both, his experiences in practice and his experience with leading Studio 804 , how do get the public that are attending the forum up to speed on Dan's work so that they are engaged in the dialogue. The answer I believe is to allow each of the panelist's five minutes to introduce themselves and to place themselves in the context of the discussion. For Dan this would include some images of his and Studio 804's work, we need to ask what Karrie, Robert and Cyd would like to include for themselves. Would also be beneficial to get them a list of potential questions or discussion topics prior to the forum, so they are prepared and maybe even able to provide graphic examples that we could have available for them to use.

P.S. Studio 804 is having an open house for the latest house this Saturday from 10 - 2. Check out for the address.


Dan M. said...

I think its a great idea to have Dan give 5 minutes of thoughts / images relating to the "time to live" topic. Even if he focused on just the last 2 or 3 804 projects, it would allow for discussions of modularity, cost, context etc...hopefully he can compress some thoughts down to 5 minutes, knowing that he'll be able to make other points and observations during the discussion.

KC Snapshot said...

I agree with Dan.

I think we should also talk to Robert, Karrie and Cyd about doing the same. That will allow them to give a more personal context to their involvement that simply having Kevin read their CV. It will also avoid implying a hierarchy amongst the panelists.

Maybe we somehow tie the 5 minute intros to the now infamous pre-event questions.