Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tamales to Go

I think Ryan and I may have found the place to get food for the event... we ate lunch yesterday at Coyoacan on Merriam Drive. As the sign says, they have Tamales to Go!, and we can buy them by the dozen. I have to give Josh credit for the recommendation (and I think Josh heard about it from Mike)... so maybe Mike really deserves all the credit.

Ryan and I can voutch for the quality of the tamales, and it's hard to find food packaging more sustainable than corn husk.


Mike Sinclair said...

These are the best tamales in the city - I've done the research!


Keri said...

Better than Ninfas? I'll check it out. You know what I have never had, ever? Good tamales at an upscale mexican restaurant...maybe you need a tamale joint to get it right...