Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Photograph - Path Past

Plaza Tennis Courts - 1950
From the collection of the Kansas City Missouri Public Library


Dan M. said...

Great photo...folks lined up 5 deep around a couple (presumed) dudes playing tennis. I like it. The exact opposite of this exists now on Barney Allis plaza downtown. In the midst of a rare greenspace, KCMO has erected a semi-sort-of-kind-of-permanent tennis court for use by the KC Explorers 1 month out of year. The rest of the year it's rental-quality fence is chained up, resulting in a Kafka-esque quasi-public-tennis court. (Chained up due to the "damn skateboarders") Talked to some KCMO folks and there is the potential this will be improved in the near future...but still. Hmmmmph. On the bright side, still quite a few public courts remaining in ol' KCMO...Loose Park, Plaza, off of Gillham, etc. That's good.

Josh Shelton said...

couple of nice courts in roanoke park and penn valley park. also a full-on skateboard park in penn valley park! heavily used. there is a hilarious picnic table in the middle of the skate park with steel edges specially designed for skater tricks. i have a great image in my mind of a hearty midwestern family of 6 having a happy picnic there... in the midst of all the school-skipping skater action.

(though not a thrasher in high school, i ran with a couple... listened to the butthole surfers and anthrax and even dated a skate betty for awhile. never skipped school though)